Pile Embroidery Master - Yingju Qiao

Pile Embroidery Master - Yingju Qiao

"We're only limited by our imagination!"

Hailing from a family of artists and initially dabbling in traditional embroidery and paper cutting, Qiao Yingju found her calling in "pile embroidery" and has since dedicated the next 30 years into perfecting her craft.

Beyond the traditional Buddhist subjects, Qiao has really established her own style and school of thought around pile embroidery, including the exploration of unique techniques, themes, and color palettes - eventually finding her particular niche and passion in crafting traditional Chinese beauties, which was all born out of a dream!

Qiao is now the provincial (Qing Hai) representative inheritor of pile embroidery, and besides working with a team to expand their current product lines, she still creates on average about 8 original masterpieces each year, which has received numerous provincial and national accolades.

Not only is she more energized than ever to keep on learning and creating herself, she has more importantly mobilized this whole movement around her - starting with her own daughter, who now carries forward the torch, attracting and sharing this passion of theirs with the younger generation!

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