Rethink tradition. Rethink luxury.

At SlowMaking, we aim to foster intercultural connections through authentic storytelling, products, workshops and brand collaborations that center around heritage crafts, and promote a slow, sustainable way of life - the ultimate luxury.

Core Values

  • Connecting Cultures & Communities

    Amid a fast-paced world, the absence of meaningful connections fuels misunderstandings, biases, and conflicts.

    Our platform unites diverse backgrounds through genuine interactions and shared curiosities, dissolving barriers and cultivating a lasting sense of unity.

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  • Preserving & Innovating

    We look to the past, to then reach a brighter future. We shed light on traditional knowledge, craftsmanship, and stories that constitute our collective identity and wisdom. Collaborating closely with the traditional artisans, we honour and preserve our shared heritage, retain its essence while constantly evolving to remain relevant in current times.

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  • Slow, Sustainable Way of Life

    In a world prioritizing speed and convenience, which can lead to environmental degradation, overconsumption, and disconnection from nature, we champion a slow, sustainable way of life - SlowLiving. Through our products and experiences, we foster mindful consumption, emphasize quality over quantity, and cultivate healthier, more balanced mindsets by focusing more on the present - positively impacting both individuals and the planet.

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Our Team

Craft, is ultimately about connection - to one’s roots, environment, and to oneself. Through this journey of discovery, we hope to share our inspirations along the way, shed light on the unknown artisans and untold stories that have the power to uplift, connect, and transcend cultures. Join us, as we continue to learn, grow, and expand our journeys beyond Asia to further explore those magical, universal connections.


Anny He, Co-founder

Anny He Embracing the belief that every experience in your past shapes who you are today, Anny's journey with SlowMaking has been nothing short of transformative. From her ventures studying abroad and managing luxury retail, to traversing the diverse landscapes of China in pursuit of art and craftsmanship, each chapter has played a pivotal role in shaping her identity.

In 2021, with a deep-rooted intention to positively redefine the perception of 'Made in China,' Anny embarked on her 'Journey to the East.' This adventure led her to remote villages where she engaged in insightful interviews with numerous craftsmen and artisans, meticulously documenting the essence of traditional crafts. The profound connections made with these remarkable individuals filled her heart with joy, and she also learned traditional silk embroidery, batik and various crafts with the masters she met along the way.


Lisa Shi, Co-founder

Lisa ShiLisa has been a “story-gatherer” from a very young age - solo-travelling at the age of 15, she was that annoying kid on the plane who chatted up and pried into the lives of way too many strangers on transpacific flights! Nowadays, she has thankfully found better ways to channel those curiosities and has come to realize the power of craft as a means to experience and better understand a culture, its peoples and values. She has since dabbled in Korean pearl inlay, kintsugi, and her recent fascinations have brought her to study Japanese woodblock printing and Persian illumination at the The King's Foundation School of Traditional Arts (London, UK).

Professionally, she has honed her chops in the fast-paced startup world for seven years and now opting for a slower, more intentional pursuit in co-founding SlowMaking - and furthering her personal mission of fostering cultural connections through the lens of arts and crafts.


Claire Peng, Co-founder

Claire Peng

Tech enthusiast from a young age, Claire aspires to merge her passion for technology with the mission of uplifting people through their unique skills. Fuelled by a determination to bridge this gap, Claire embarks on a journey that spans both the technical realm and rural countryside, seeking to discover the remedy that can heal and empower those in need.

When not sitting at her desk coding or working on SlowMaking, you can’t find her. She’s either up the mountain snowboarding or swimming with turtles. Once her friends asked her:
“Where are you?”
“Oh, Philadelphia or the Philippines?!”