Workshops & Events

Each season, we host a series of virtual and in-person events, markets, and workshops - in hopes of bringing together a community of like-minded creatives to share, exchange inspiration, and learn new skills together. 

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Upcoming Events

Saturday, May 25th | 1-4PM*: Online Silk Embroidery Workshop  Register HERE
*all times are in EST 


Past Events

In-Person Indigo Batik Workshop @ Aga Khan Museum

INSTA LIVE: Future of Folk Embroidery

Future of Folk Embroidery

Shu Embroidery Workshop Series:
Unraveling the Artistry of Chinese Silk Embroidery


Markham Jazz Festival

Date & Time:

Saturday, August 19th: 12 - 8pm
Sunday, August 20th: 12 - 5:30 pm 


Zone 2, Booth 22


Rhythms of Canada (Aga Khan Museum)

Slowmaking at Aga Khan

May 13th: Indigo Batik: The Story of Ninghang Batik - Livestream!

Apr 16th: Our first ever in-person hands-on cultural expedition!

slowmaking hands-on cultural expedition