Taoyuan embroidery - "Soul of Xiang embroidery"

Taoyuan embroidery - "Soul of Xiang embroidery"

While sipping Lei Cha (a traditional Hakka tea-based gruel), and enjoying its many accompanying side dishes, we learned of the story and origins of Taoyuan embroidery - although not as widely known, it has been coined the "soul of Xiang embroidery", which is recognized as one of the four major schools of Chinese embroidery.

With a long history and strong regional characteristics, Taoyuan embroidery is known for its refined and extensive needlework system, which some experts believe may have given birth to that of Xiang embroidery. Its unique aesthetic charm is shown through its delicate colour choices and gradients, bold and memorable compositions, and most of all, its subject matter - often featuring exaggerated vegetation and mythical creatures, which look like they may leap out of the canvas at any minute!

Like the 48 water bodies weaving through Taoyuan County, the colors and stitches interlace across the screen, forming exquisite works of art, reflecting the romantic outlook of the local people.

Click here to check out more Taoyuan embroidery pieces! You’ll hear first-hand the story of the husband and wife team, Jin Minghui (金明辉)and Luo Minghua (罗明华), and how they treaded through 40 villages in search of the last remaining master - leading to a slow restoration of this wondrous art form.

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