HUIXIN Atelier

HUIXIN Atelier

It's rare to find a community of individuals who share similar beliefs and are actively striving towards a common goal — one in which we deeply believe.

Our appreciation for tradition stems not only from its aesthetic appeal but also from the captivating stories woven into its fabric. Last year, we were fortunate to collaborate with HUIXIN Atelier, seizing the opportunity to both preserve and innovate upon our cherished traditional heritage. Throughout our initial meetings to the culmination of our projects, each of us had been profoundly inspired by the rich history, cultural significance, its intrinsic beauty, and the profound spirits that underpin it.

During our field research alongside the designers from HUIXIN, we embarked on visits to small villages where we had the opportunity to meet with the traditional artisans. Among them were two cross-stitch experts and a master artisan of bamboo weaving. Our role extended beyond mere observation; we actively facilitated a deeper connection between the designers and these crafts, fostering an appreciation for the cultural context and history behind each.

Crucially, these encounters allowed the designers to engage in genuine conversations and establish connections with artisans who have dedicated their lives to honing their craft. Witnessing the artisans' resilience, unwavering positivity, and generous hospitality deeply moved and inspired us. Their spirit instilled in us a stronger resolve not only to preserve these traditions but also to innovate in ways that honor their legacy.

We firmly believe that innovation should be rooted in tradition. Only through a profound understanding of tradition can we create something truly exceptional, resonating with and appreciated by many. In this symbiotic relationship, as we honor and build upon tradition, it, in turn, endures and continues to thrive.

In the future, our aspiration is to unite numerous like-minded designers, brands, and artisans, fostering connections with traditional craftsmen, learning from their expertise in traditional crafts, and engaging in collaborative and enjoyable creative endeavors together!

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