Styling with crafts: The Romance of Indigo Blue

Slowmaking styling with crafts

Blue, a color of mystery, romance and freedom

Reminiscent of the vast expanse of the sky and the deep and quiet ocean

"Natural indigo dyeing" connects nature and humans through the temperature of the hand. It represents an attitude of respecting nature and returning to nature. With 'Isatis root' plant as dye, cotton as the base, and handmade as the source of creation, the carefully crafted clothing embodies wisdom and energy, and may be able to move people and things around at an inadvertent moment.

We use the different shades of "quiet blue dye" as the theme to create such a set that combines tradition and modernity, handicraft and fashion, country handicrafts and international brands. In these seemingly opposite things, we find a harmonious fertile soil. The so-called "use is beauty", traditional craftsmanship can only truly show its vitality and style when it is integrated into modern life!

Headdress: Guizhou handmade batik scarf, can be used as turban, shawl, and scarf, is very versatile. It is used as a headdress and matched with handmade silver earrings of the Miao ethnic group. The effect is excellent, and it has an exotic feeling.

Earrings: The characteristic handmade sterling silver earrings of the Miao people in western Hunan are called double dragon earrings. Legend has it that the Miao people believe that women are phoenixes, and dragons and phoenixes are a natural match, so women wearing double dragon earrings can bring good luck and protection.

Coat: Combined with "patch aesthetics", the coat can be worn on both sides. The front is a patchwork of hand-dyed blue dyed fabric, and the inside is a patchwork of hand-woven seedling cloth. It is unpretentious but stylish. In today's modern society where there is an opportunity to wear new clothes almost every day, many people may have forgotten the beauty of the "patched" life before. Happiness back then was simple and real.

Shoulder bag: Because of its special shape, this bag is also affectionately called an "alms bag". It may be reminiscent of the bag that Tang monks fetched scriptures from the West and hung on their bodies for alms. The square pattern on the bag is hand-painted by batik, which adds to the fashion of the bag.

Pants: Issey Miyake wide-leg pants, strong three-dimensional effect, stylish and stylish, with a sense of "architecture" on the body, and it is more interesting to match with traditional blue-dyed clothing.

Shoes: Coach rivet leather boots, highlighting a free and uninhibited attitude towards life, echoing with the blue that represents freedom and mystery, and its rivet elements add a modern sense of fashion to the whole outfit.

Clothing is a medium for expressing one's heart. It does not need to be luxurious, but needs to truly express one's inner world.

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