Interview with Qin Mingxing, master of ornamental stone pedestal

Interview with Qin Mingxing, master of ornamental stone pedestal

"Learning life lessons from the ornamental stones"
I was fortunate to meet Mr. Qin Mingxing, a master of ornamental stone base design in Shanghai. He is a senior consultant of Shanghai Ornamental Stone Association, chairman of Shanghai Qin Shixuan Art Co., Ltd., and a famous stone appreciation and supporting craftsman. He has a deep understanding of the aesthetics of ornamental stones due to his profound cultural and artistic qualities, extensive research on ornamental stones, his passion, understanding and long-term practice. He has long been committed to the popularization and exchange of ornamental stones and collection culture. His company has a unique style in base design and production.

The inspiration for writing this random thought was that when the interview was about to end yesterday, I asked Mr. Qin: what made him who he is today, and how did he realize it? He told me that he would think about a lot of things when he sees it. He started from his own heart and wrote his own thoughts and evaluations, and then he had a lot of insights today.

I have also talked about this issue with Diandian. We are people who like to think, we like to get some insights from our life and many things and people around us, because this can Let us live more open-mindedly.

Anny also recommended a book "Deep Thinking" to me. I haven't read it yet, but I am deeply interested because I don't know if my thinking is systematic. After thinking, I have some new views on the world. I always enjoy the process of thinking.

Why do I think Teacher Qin is very insightful?

He said that human beings have two lives, one is physical life: birth, aging, sickness, death, and it follows the biological cycle of inheritance; and the other is spiritual life: what your thoughts bring to the world. It can exist long after your death. This is like the Mexican movie I watched before: COCO, people have a second life after death, living in another world, but when no one remembers you in the real world, that is when you really disappear. So there is another theory that Mr. Qin said, what can you bring to the world, what do you hope to bring to the world, and when you come to this world, you always have to make a sound. Teacher Qin said: Craftsmen must be pure in their hearts in order to make works that make people feel inspired.

So I thought about why I joined SlowMaking. What was my original intention? I hope I can have a job that is valuable, meaningful, helps the underprivileged, and satisfies me. So I joined, but as I get to know more, I think we are doing a more meaningful job, far beyond my original intention at the time, we are doing cultural communication and exchange work, we hope to bring people closer. The distance has nothing to do with race, color, or region.Especially in the recent war between Russia and Ukraine, it makes people feel that everyone is a community with a shared future. We will spread this spirit and purity through the stories of the craftsmen behind the crafts. This is the most meaningful thing for me.

I got gratitude in 2021, what can I get in 2022? Looking forward to 2022~

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