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Morning Mist Bucket Bag

Morning Mist Bucket Bag

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This handwoven ramie, known as "xia bu" (夏布) in Chinese, is one of the most ancient and ubiquitous fabrics used in China. The raw material is ramie, a linen-like cellulose fiber made from the stalks of the Chinese nettle plant and the fabrics woven from these fibers are durable, lightweight and breathable.

The process of making this kind of fabric is very time consuming, which involves harvesting the ramie, degumming, spinning the yarn and handweaving under a certain temperature and humidity level. For this “Morning Mist” bucket bag, they also had to dye the fibers first before weaving.

If you are interested in learning more about this craft or the talented artisans behind it, feel free to check out our corresponding video and blog post.

Fibre Content

100% Handwoven Ramie


19*18 cm

Care Guide

1. Not machine washable. Gently hand wash with water temperature below 30°C.
2. Put the neutral detergent into the water, and after it has completely dissolved, gently brush onto the item with a soft brush.
3. Do not rub vigorously, and do not wring to prevent the fibres from breaking and fluffing, hence affecting the appearance.
4. It is recommended to smooth it out and dry it naturally after washing.

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