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Phoenix Tote Bag

Phoenix Tote Bag

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Miao batik or la ran (蜡染), from Guizhou, China, is a wax-resist dyeing technique that has been around since the Qin and Han dynasties. The pattern is drawn onto the fabric with melted beeswax which acts as a dye resist during the natural indigo dyeing process.

Our unique tote bags showcase this ancient craft, featuring an awe-inspiring depiction of the phoenix on one side and a beautifully woven fabric on the other. Each bag is a testament to the skill and creativity of our talented artisans, and will surely become your new go-to accent piece!

If you are interested in learning more about this craft or the team of talented artisans behind it, feel free to check out our videos and blog posts.

Care Guide

Not machine washable. Gently hand wash in cold water with mild detergent.
Separate from other garments as these are naturally dyed so may bleed.
Do not use bleach or any kind of detergent which contains a bleach additive.
Bleach will damage the integrity of the garment or fabric.
Limit the use of soap or detergent to no more than once or twice a year. The use of detergent may cause color irregularity to our fabric.
Do not wring, only hang dry. Limit the exposure of direct, harsh sunlight.


Cotton and hand-woven fabric

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